Joomla Workshop in East London

The Web Workshop will be held Umnenga Lodge just outside East London between 21 - 23 April. It will be 3 full days starting from 9 am untill 4:30 pm, allowing for afternoon practical work and assistance on individual projects.

The aim of this Web Workshop is to take a person with no previous experience with Joomla, or the building of websites, and during the 3 days guide and assist them to build, launch and manage a website. This will require each individual to come to the Web Workshop ready with;
- a concept of the type of website they want to build and the content they wish to put on their website, OR
- an already published older website (not neccesarily Joomla) that needs updating
and by the end of the 3 days each person will have created their website with all the features required and the knowledge and ability to future extend on pages, links and much more. (If your website has a bit more meat to it!)

joomla workshop eastlondonEach person enrolling for the Web Workshop will receive a FREE 1 YEAR .CO.ZA domain and hosting for 60 days. So don't bring a pen and paper and think you will be taking notes ... no, you will have a website to work on while we move through the topics and apply what you have learned. Each afternoon from 2 pm untill 4:30 pm is allocated in the schedule for you to copy and paste your information into the new Joomla website, and to work on creating the content, links and functionality you have been shown at the Web Workshop.

Our goal is to have every person attending able to build a website from the ground up, understanding graphics, templates, content and functionality. The website that we will be discussing and building will include e-commerce websites, newsletter systems, advertising tools and much more. Your new website will not just be a brochure-like website advertising services or products, but you will be able to sell, interact and analyze traffic on your website.

However, that is not all...You will not walk away empty handed after the Web Workshop! Each person will receive a Joomla DVD filled with PDF resources, training videos, components & templates etc. You will have all the resources you could possibly need on one DVD, and also the skype, e-mail and contact numbers of your instructor and fellow Web Workshop survivors. You will be entitled to Skype and telephonic support for a period of 60 days after attending the Web Workshop. Even though you might not be ready to launch your website after the 3 days of training, you can work on your website at your own pace, with the added benefit of never being alone again when facing a question or uncertainty.

Still not completely convinced that you, or one of your employees, should attend the Web Workshop? Let's do the math and paint this picture together ... Attending the Web Workshop will accomplish:

  • Giving your business a domain if you don't have one (
  • If you have a domain, we will ensure you have the right tools on your domain (cPanel, Goole Analytics etc), or transfer your domain to our hosting servers at NO cost and give you the first 2 months FREE hosting
  • You will take part in the building of your website from the ground up, learn how to add more features to your website and how to optimize it for search engines.
  • Teach you how to see your website, and use it, like a program and make it work for you.
  • Give you an exclusive Boot Camp DVD containing PDF resources, training videos, software, useful components, plugins and much more.
  • Give you access to your instructor AFTER the training, as well as all the other people participating in the Boot camp, forming a support network with like-minded people you know personally.
  • Be able to update and add pages, pictures, newsletters and much more yourself, without ANY FURTHER COSTS EVER!

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