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Lenie Soekoe

I attended the Joomla course not prepared at all. As a retired person for 12 years from the "real world" and no IT experience in this field, I found myself in a very difficult situation. The rest of the attendees are familiar with Joomla and have had some form of experience working with it and understood and could follow the course effectively, as for myself.

Day 1, was very confusing. The terminology, acronyms while Johan was presenting was meaningless to me personally, but I realized the reason I was there to ultimately learn how to update my own website with new photo's etc, which was not being covered in the first day.

Day 2, was slightly better but still way too technical for me.

Day 3, I started to participate and was able to hold my own and understanding how to upload my catalogue and obviously the processes implemented to be able to get to that stage, ie how to create Categories and Articles etc. Without the assistance of Madelaine I would not have reached this stage.

Day 4, was more exciting for me, I could successfully work on my own a little, still with the assistance of Madelaine and ultimately when Johan finished off the template so I could see a result.


Joomla is quite exciting (if you know what you are doing). I am a hands on type of person when I learn something I need to sit down in front of the PC and I have to follow step by step and make a note step by step.

By listening to the presentations it did not help me at all except for information, but not how to do it.
I am hoping to be able to walk away on Day 5 with the right knowledge how to maintain my new website with new information.
I believe I have achieved what I aimed to get out of the Joomla course even though it was too advanced for me.
I trust I will have the type post Joomla support from Action Online to be able to finish off my new website successfully.