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Lynne Hambury

Before attending the Joomla Bootcamp Training, I thought Joomla was the most difficult program to use for creating websites.
However, the very first day of the course, the sun started shining through the clouds of confusion that I had experienced using Joomla before.

The Bootcamp course made the processes that had taken days to figure out by myself, so much more simpler. The pace at which the course is conducted is perfect to absorb information and to understand the steps in developing a website.
It gave good background on the purpose of websites in general, and made Joomla my first choice in creating good-looking and functional websites.

Lynne Hambury | Design and Layout at Remata

Nellouise van Staden

Baie dankie Johan vir 'n uitstekende kursus!
Gedurende die "Joomla Bootcamp" kursus het jy ons gehelp om elke legkaart stukkie mooi op sy plek in te skuif.
Geduld was aan die orde van elke dag, maak nie saak hoe "dom" ons vrae vir jou moes klink nie.

Te danke aan die kursus en jul persoonlike aandag en behulpsaamheid, kan ons nou met nuwe selfvertroue elke klient se projek aanpak en nuwe tegnieke toepas.
Sal definitief hierdie kursus aanbeveel!

Nellouise van Staden | Graphic Designer at Remata

Jason from Creative Impact

"I enjoyed the hands on practical side to the training. Johan's pace of teaching and friendly approach allowed me to relax. The training was very informative."

Nadia du Plessis

Graag wil ek my dank uitspreek vir die "lig aan die einde van die tonnel" wat Johan Rossouw vir my gebring het met die Joomla bootcamp. Alles val nou net in plek en ek is baie positief om fantastiese projekte aan te pak. Ek wil ook graag dankie sê vir die geduld wat Johan mee werk en dat elkeen wel sy eie pas kan volg. Selfs ons domste vrae is met oorgawe geantwoord.

Nadia du Plessis, Hoof van die Grafiese Ontwerp afdeling by Remata

Alexander Greyling

At first it was indeed a steep learning curve. Then it became easier as I started to understand the Joomla GUI. Perhaps it is an idea to first give a thorough overview of the Joomla main menu before tackling the individual menu items. Just a thought.

I found Joomla in terms of what it offers fantastic, you no longer need to be a geek to build websites. Joomla offers a wealth of no or low-cost modules, components and templates to you heart's desire. For me as a designer, the templates tend to look the same but I am sure  with some experience and experimentation I will eventually be able to alter existing templates beyond recognition. That is unfortunately a fact of life; if  you want originality, it does not come cheap. Not everyone or all clients can afford a custom designed template.

Lenie Soekoe

I attended the Joomla course not prepared at all. As a retired person for 12 years from the "real world" and no IT experience in this field, I found myself in a very difficult situation. The rest of the attendees are familiar with Joomla and have had some form of experience working with it and understood and could follow the course effectively, as for myself.

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Hi Johan,

The Boot Camp @ Cathcart was great. From Zero to Hero, was our experience.

Creative Impact

"The course was very well presented and helpful in providing knowledge of the basics ... Johan explained everything very well and I liked the fact that he provided us with manuals and training video clips."


The Joomla Bootcamp course is a definite must for all people who want to develop their own website, as well as for people with existing websites who want to have a better grasp and control over how it all works.

The course covered the basics through to all the additional components and customisations that can be achieved with a Joomla website. Johan is great at explaining how it all works and has been available for endless support long after the course was completed. I would definitely recommend this course as it provides you with a great deal of knowledge and a far better understanding of Joomla websites – this is one not to be missed.

Rae from Creative Impact

He was also very friendly and approachable so I felt comfortable asking for help. The fact that he made himself available on Skype afterwards is also brilliant!

Rohan Shackleford

I would like to thank you for the awesome Joomla boot camp that I attended, I found the experience fantastic, not only being extremely educational, I have had previous Joomla experience, am currently employed in the web design/development industry, and i still learnt a lot, from improving my workflow, to realizing the immense power of the Joomla platform and how to better utilize its potential.

I also found the boot camp concept really fun, your training techniques were unique, effective and innovative, and your personal approach warm friendly and with a real sense of integrity. I found the online classroom community idea a good example of the innovation I mentioned, and a real interest in the site I was developing an example of the integrity.