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More than just Joomla

Schools and small businesses are amongst the institutions requiring constant updates on their website due to the amount of activities during each term.
To have the knowledge and expertise on updating the website WITHIN your organization is PRICELESS, since this ensures that the information, promotions and news on the website is updated regularly.

Joomla-training-smallA Joomla website also allows your organization to use the website very much like you would use a software program. Joomla goes far beyond being JUST A CMS that manages articles and pages on your website. It also allows your website additional functionality such as:

  • Managing newsletters and subscribers
  • Allowing old-scholar registration and newsletter management
  • Event Calendar
  • Picture Gallery
  • Voting Polls
  • Discussion Forums
  • Banner Advertising and MUCH MORE, depending on the school's unique needs

You don't have to be a web developer to be able to manage a Joomla website, all you would need is a few pointers in the right direction and somebody to stand next to you while you learn. Once having completed a Joomla Boot Camp you are part of a smaller, local community of Joomla users that you can refer to for assistance if you get stuck on something. Your learning does not stop at the end of a Boot Camp.

In 2009 we took in 14 people in 2 Boot Camps, and produced people who are now managing and building their own websites, even selling web development services!

You will gain INSIGHT & KNOWLEDGE on a trade/skill that is worth thousands of rands ... what you do with it, is up to you